Bonded & Sealed Bases For Large Diameter Cylinders

Fountain constructed from large cast acrylic tubesWhether you are making an aquarium, bubble tube or underwater camera housing or if you require a large diameter acrylic tube with a bonded sealed base we can find a customer to help.

With years of experience behind us we can advise you on the best type and size of tube for your particular application, and any other technical help needed.

The image here shows how one of our customers constructed a beautiful fountain using large diameter cast tubes. If you require a similar fountain, or have a similar project; we will direct your enquiry through to them.

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Case Studies

Sheffield Council

As part of a Sheffield City refurbishment scheme, we were asked to structurally bond eight massive acrylic beams 5400mm long and 150mm thick, in the town hall square.

Selfridges and Co.

In March 07 we delivered 11 tons of acrylic for 92 free standing & wall mounted directional signs for a new wayfinding system at Selfridges, for their Oxford Street store.