Structural Bonding Of Massive Joints

Clear acrylic sybmarine dome bonded from two half spheres by Alternative Plastics LtdWhether you need help with an aquarium application or an architectural project, the technical specialists' team at Alternative Plastics can help.

With years of experience in the trade we can confidently offer technical advice and assistance with the bonding of massive structural joints.

We have vast experience of using numerous resins and glues in the acrylics market and carry out extensive research and testing to ensure we achieve strong clear bonds & joints.
We pride ourselves in having a high attention to detail and always aim for perfect results.

We were recently asked to bond two half spheres together which formed a viewing dome for a private trident submarine.
The dome was delivered to us in two halves. We then carefully prepared & aligned them before pouring. The bond was perfect & without bubbles.
Our customer was then able to collect the dome, anneal and polish it, before delivering it onto their customer.

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Link To Submarine Case Study

Clear acrylic fountains bonded by Alternative Plastics LtdWe also assisted with the construction of the Barkers Pool project in Sheffield. The acrylic beams for each fountain weighed in at 2.4 tons.

Again, our experience enabled us to produce perfectly clear joins for the customer, free of inclusions or bubbles.

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Link To Sheffield Fountain Case Study

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Case Studies

Sheffield Council

As part of a Sheffield City refurbishment scheme, we were asked to structurally bond eight massive acrylic beams 5400mm long and 150mm thick, in the town hall square.


Last month we helped one of our customers with a project to build a submarine sphere. Our customer had cast the acrylic sphere in two halves but asked us to structurally bond the two halves together.