Large Area Bonding & Laminating

Laminated acrylic wayfinding signageOur customers who fabricate will occasionally need assistance with large area bonding or laminating when a very stable or perfect laminate is needed.

With our years of experience in the industry we are able to advise on the best methods and glues that are best suited to your particular application.

We direct most enquiries from outside of the trade through to our customers depending on the particular application in question.

With a vast customer base, we have an immense list of contacts who will be able to help fabricate or manufacture to your specific designs.

We also welcome enquiries from our fabricating customers when particularly large and difficult jobs arise.

We love a challenge and when the going gets tough, we rarely fail to find a way around a problem!

See our Selfridges case study for details of a large area laminating service we provided.

It is also possible to create coloured block by laminating several layers of coloured acrylic sheets.

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Case Studies

Selfridges and Co.

In March 07 we delivered 11 tons of acrylic for 92 free standing & wall mounted directional signs for a new wayfinding system at Selfridges, for their Oxford Street store.


Last month we helped one of our customers with a project to build a submarine sphere. Our customer had cast the acrylic sphere in two halves but asked us to structurally bond the two halves together.