Acrylic block with small chamfer and perfect polished finish.We can add a chamfer or bevelled edge to your cut pieces if requested at the time of quotation.

The top image shows a clear acrylic block with a small chamfered edge. It has also been given our perfect polished finish.

The image below shows a clear acrylic cube with a wide chamfered edge which has been given a frosted finish on the chamfered edges. The faces are all perfect polished.

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Acrylic cube with wide beveled edge which has been frosted, whilst the faces have been perfect polished.

Case Studies

Sheffield Council

As part of a Sheffield City refurbishment scheme, we were asked to structurally bond eight massive acrylic beams 5400mm long and 150mm thick, in the town hall square.


Last month we helped one of our customers with a project to build a submarine sphere. Our customer had cast the acrylic sphere in two halves but asked us to structurally bond the two halves together.