Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I am having trouble using your quote builder, how does it work?
    We have an easy to follow step by step guide to using our quote builder; here is a link to it: Quote Builder Help
  • Why won't the tables display correctly on my screen?
    Our web site uses java script so you need to ensure this is enabled on your machine. If you set your browser security settings too high it may block java script. Try lowering your security settings and re loading the web page and the tables should work. If they don't please let us know and we will look into the problem for you.
  • Will I have to register every time I want to request a quote?
    No. Our web site will leave a cookie on your machine and will then remember who you are. Providing you don't delete the cookie, when you next visit our web site, any new quotes you submit will come straight through to us with all your details automatically.
  • Why won't the whole screen print?
    Our web site is best printed in landscape and so you may need to change your print set up before printing.
  • Do you do laser cutting?
    No we don’t, but we will happily give you contact details for some companies who do.
  • Do you sell to the members of the public?
    Yes we do.
  • Do you do thermoforming or sheet bending?
    No we don’t, but again, we will happily give you contact details for some companies who do.
  • Do you sell annealed tubes?
    No we don’t
  • Do your products comply with the RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC?
    Yes. A datasheet is available under the product downloads tabs, or you can download a copy from here by clicking on this link.  RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC 
  • Are you registered with ISO?
    No, not yet.  But we do have a quality assurance policy which you can download by clicking on this link.  APL Quality Assurance
  • Why has the delivery time changed on my polished/ frosted items quote? Prices on our quotations are valid for 30 days; however delivery times quoted on items that require perfect polishing or a frosted finish are only valid on the day of quoting.
    This is because our polishing service is very popular and we can sometimes get high volume polishing orders.
    Obviously we have to try to work through orders in a “first come – first served” fashion, but when a large job comes along, the machines can be tied up for days at a time on a single job.
    If the delivery time quoted cannot be met, we will advise you when you come to place the order.

    The same machines that do the polishing are used to create the frosted finish, they just require a different machining head, and hence large volume orders can effect delivery times for both finishes.

  • Do you offer an annealing service?
    No we don’t, but we can offer advice & will happily give you contact details for some companies who do.
  • Do you accept payment by credit card?
    Yes we do.
  • How can I inform you that my company or contact details have changed?
    The easiest thing to do is to delete the cookies from your browser and then re register with your new details. If you also advise us that you are registering again due to changes; we will remove your old details from our contacts database.
  • What are your carriage rules & delivery charges?
    Our standard delivery charge for a carton or roll (tube/rod items) up to 15kg is £12.50 for delivery in three to four days.

Where possible we try to delivery goods ourselves by truck as this way we can guarantee our products arrive in tip top condition.

Overnight, before noon & before 10.30am carrier services are also available. Please ensure that you specify if a timed delivery is required at the time of ordering. As you would expect, these options will incur additional charges.

Delivery charges vary depending on the dead weight of boxed & palletised items, or the volumetric weight of large diameter tube items. Although large diameter tubes are quite light, they are considered “ugly freight” by most carrier service providers and attract high delivery charges. Hence we try to deliver these goods ourselves where possible.

Any products sent via carrier service are given extra packing to protect them.
For long bendy items, we may ask if we can cut the item in half to make carriage safer. Alternatively if the item cannot be cut, we will advise if a packing strut should be used.

Palletised items over 2 metres attract an oversize goods charge of �50 with most carriers and so we try to deliver full panels of sheets and blocks ourselves when ever possible.

Goods delivered by carrier to private residences attract a �10 surcharge fee with most carriers. This is because the carriers regularly find people are out and they have to re-deliver at a later date or time.
Where possible, we would advise you to specify a work address for delivery to avoid this charge and to ensure that people are around to sign for the parcels.

We always insist our customers check all deliveries before signing for them.
If goods are found to be damaged at a later time, we are unable to claim for damages from the carriers unless the items were signed for as “Damaged” on the POD.

Our truck can deliver full size 3m x 2m panels without any problems, but please advise us if you have no fork lift facilities for unloading, or if you have any access problems.

Where possible, we try to avoid dispatching tubes via carriers on a Friday as they often get damaged over the weekend. However we will send them if you inform us you are happy for us to do this.

We can deliver items direct to your customer if requested; we just need you to inform your customer that items must be checked on arrival before goods are signed for.

For full details of our carriage terms click here. Carriage Terms Link

  • Can I have an account?
    After we receive two transactions from you, let us know if you require an account and we will ask our accounts department to contact you. They will send you some forms & will then make the necessary arrangements.
  • Why do I have to send you a company letterhead?
    When you register and submit a quotation request you will give us your company or personal name and address details. However, we like to confirm all spellings of your company name & address for delivery purposes.
    If you are a company and we cannot confirm your address on your web site or on, we may ask you to fax us your letterhead instead. We will only ask for this once when you place your first order.
  • Can I collect?
    Yes you can, just advise us how you will be collecting when you ask for a quote or at the time of ordering and we will remove the carriage charge.

In some instances, there may still be a packing charge, depending on how you will be collecting.

For example, if you are collecting in your own vehicle and do not require any packaging at all, there will be no charge. However if you are sending a carrier to collect on your behalf, the items will still need to be packed/palletised or protected and so a packaging charge will apply.

Case Studies


Last month we helped one of our customers with a project to build a submarine sphere. Our customer had cast the acrylic sphere in two halves but asked us to structurally bond the two halves together.

Selfridges and Co.

In March 07 we delivered 11 tons of acrylic for 92 free standing & wall mounted directional signs for a new wayfinding system at Selfridges, for their Oxford Street store.