Perfect Polishing

Perfectly polished block with chamfered edgeIf required we can offer a Perfect Polishing service in addition to our cut to size service.

After polishing to a high shine, each item is wrapped in individual bags or wrapped in protective film before it is packed. We can cater for single piece orders or bulk orders of thousands of pieces.

We have polishing machines which can polish large pieces up to 5500mm long and up to 550mm thick! We can also polish vast quantities of small pieces automatically in a very short time. The ends of rods, bars & tubes can also be polished in addition to the cut to size service

Polish times quoted are accurate on the day of quotation, but please confirm at the time of ordering as this is a very popular service!

Note: The example above shows our "Perfect Polished" block with a "Chamfered Edge" which is not provided as standard.

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Case Studies


Last month we helped one of our customers with a project to build a submarine sphere. Our customer had cast the acrylic sphere in two halves but asked us to structurally bond the two halves together.

Sheffield Council

As part of a Sheffield City refurbishment scheme, we were asked to structurally bond eight massive acrylic beams 5400mm long and 150mm thick, in the town hall square.